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Aviano’s Finest Officer Category


Col. Brent Vosseler, 31st Fighter Wing clamp commander, recognizes Captain Kelley Hursh,31st Dental Squadron ubiquitous dentist, as one of Aviano’s Finest Jul 26, during Aviano Air Base. Aviano’s Finest is a commanders approval module that identifies and honors Aviano Airmen for their work ethic, professinalism and joining to a mission.(U.S. Air Force print by Staff Sgt. Ryan Whitney)

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Aviano’s Finest Officer Category

Posted 7/31/2012   Updated 7/31/2012
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by 31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

7/31/2012 – AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy — First Last Name: Kelley A. Hursh

Rank: Capt

Unit: 31st Dental Squadron

Duty Title: General Dentist

How prolonged have you

Article source: http://www.aviano.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123312022

The Save-A-Tooth® System Joins Fluoride and Sealants as Revolutionary Methods of Saving Teeth, Says Phoenix-Lazerus, Inc.

The Save-A-Tooth® system, a usually scientific, American Dental Association Seal of Accepted product for saving knocked out teeth, is now enclosed in The Complete First Aid kit, says Phoenix-Lazerus, inc. The Complete First Aid pack is a usually initial assist pack that has such a device and creates it a best initial assist pack available.

Wayne, Pa (PRWEB) Feb 29, 2012

Over 5 million teeth are knocked out annually in a United States during sports, vehicle accidents and in a home according to a Massachusetts Dental Association. With the

Article source: http://news.yahoo.com/save-tooth-system-joins-fluoride-sealants-revolutionary-methods-050309354.html

Fluoride Dangers by Pro-Fluoride Expert

Is Fluoride Unsafe? Only When Swallowed.

“What unequivocally determines either fluoride is safe, is a volume that is swallowed,” says Amid I. Ismail, BDS, MPH, MBA, DrPH, and Dean, Temple University, School of Dentistry in Dear Doctor Magazine. (1)

Dr. Ismail says, “Fluoride occurs naturally in soil, uninformed and seawater varying dramatically in levels from as low as 0.01 to 8ppm or more….In actuality a “optimal” (most fascinating or satisfactory) turn is probably unfit to calculate since of variations in fluoride levels in all sorts of dishes and beverages.

‘For example, people vital in temperate

Article source: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2011/11/28/18701184.php

Philadelphia’s Quirky Attractions Pay Homage To The Unusual

Here’s a demeanour during some of a Philadelphia-area attractions that make a segment only a small delightfully weird:

Collections Of A Natural Kind:

There’s a reason an anatomical indication outward a bookstore during Drexel University College of Medicine’s East Falls campus looks so eerily loyal to form: It’s a stays of a genuine tellurian body. What appears to be fibre art is indeed a shaken complement of a college cleaning lady who willed her physique to scholarship in 1888. The school’s inaugural anatomy highbrow during a time spent 5 months manually picking out

Article source: http://www.travelvideo.tv/news/united-states-east/10-18-2011/philadelphias-quirky-attractions-pay-homage-to-the-unusual

Store-A-Tooth Advisor Calls for Leadership from Dentists to Realize a Potential of Stem Cells from Teeth

The NIH detected in 2000 that teeth can be a abounding source of branch cells—especially baby teeth that come lax during childhood, knowledge teeth extracted from teenagers or immature adults, and teeth that need to be pulled to make room for braces. These dental branch cells are approaching to play a pivotal purpose in enabling breakthroughs in regenerative dentistry and medicine.

Lexington, MA (PRWEB) Mar 16, 2011

Amid a systematic unrestrained and occasional domestic debate over branch cells, Paul Krasner is job for care from what competence during initial seem a contention isolated from a issue: dentistry.

“It’s adult to us

Article source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/prweb/20110316/bs_prweb/prweb5165524