Fluoride Dangers by Pro-Fluoride Expert

Is Fluoride Unsafe? Only When Swallowed.

“What unequivocally determines either fluoride is safe, is a volume that is swallowed,” says Amid I. Ismail, BDS, MPH, MBA, DrPH, and Dean, Temple University, School of Dentistry in Dear Doctor Magazine. (1)

Dr. Ismail says, “Fluoride occurs naturally in soil, uninformed and seawater varying dramatically in levels from as low as 0.01 to 8ppm or more….In actuality a “optimal” (most fascinating or satisfactory) turn is probably unfit to calculate since of variations in fluoride levels in all sorts of dishes and beverages.

‘For example, people vital in temperate

Article source: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2011/11/28/18701184.php

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